18 de desembre de 2009


Reference Points for de Design and Delivery of Degree Programmes in Music

Tuning Educational Structures in Europe
Diversos autors
Universidad de Deusto, 2009 Serie: Tuning
ISBN: 9788498309904

The name Tuning was chosen for the project to reflect the idea that universities do not look for uniformity in their degree programmes or any sort of unified, prescriptive or definitive European curricula but simply for points of reference, convergence and common understanding. The protection of the rich diversity of European education has been paramount in the Tuning Project from the very start and the project in no way seeks to restrict the independence of academic and subject specialists, or undermine local and national academic authority.The term Higher Music Education is used to characterise musical studies undertaken in the context of Higher Education that have a primary focus upon the practical and creative development of the student (Section 2). Higher music education aims to give each student an optimal environment for developing a distinctive artistic profile. Such an environment appreciates the individuality of each staff and student, and values and supports the search for and sharing of knowledge, as well as open discussion and dialogue.