22 de gener de 2010

Sumari revista Council for Research in Music Education

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education (2009, num.: 182)

The Effects of Different Amounts and Types of Music Training on Music Style Preference
John Ginocchio
pags. 7-17

What We Teach and What They Learn: Social Identities and Cultural Backgrounds Forming the Musical Experience
José Luis Aróstegui Plaza, Ana Lucía Louro
pags. 19-29

Cross-Cultural Connections: An Investigation of Singing Canadian and American Patriotic Songs
Susan C. Guerrini, Mary C. Kennedy
pags. 31-39

The Pedagogical Process of a Japanese-American Shamisen Teacher
Sean Ichiro Manes
pags. 41-50

Teacher and Student Perceptions of Music Teaching and Learning at the Goderich Celtic College, Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Janice Waldron
pags. 51-64

Bringing the East to the West: a Case Study in Teaching Chinese Choral Music to a Youth Choir in the United States
Lynne Gackle, C.Victor Fung
pags. 65-77