12 de novembre de 2012


Iniciación a la danza como agente educativo de la expresión corporal en la educación física actual: aspectos metodológicos 
Inmaculada García Sánchez, Raquel Pérez Ordás, Africa Calvo Lluch 
Retos: nuevas tendencias en educación física, deporte y recreación
ISSN 1579-1726
nº. 20, 2011, págs. 33-36 

Dance as a rhythmic-expressive content presents ample opportunities for the training of students from an inclusive point of view (level of physical, intellectual and emotional). However, the use of this content or treatment in the context of physical education is limited or ad hoc. The ignorance of the contributions of dance to develop the whole person, considering this activity mainly women and/or lack of teacher training are some of the reasons that might justify the waste of dance as an educational agent of body expression. With regard to the lack of teacher training, the work presented below is intended to answer a series of questions related to how to teach dance: what methodology is appropriate?, any kind of dance is suitable to work in the classroom?, how to properly use the basic elements of rhythm in the proposals danced?.