24 de març de 2009

Revista Musical

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education
Num.: 179; 2009
-Community-Based Children´s Choirs: Selected Literature and Material Culture in Printed Programs (Debra G. Hedden, James Daugherty)
-The Effect of Exerpt Duration and Music Education Emphasis on Ratings of High Quality Children´s Choral Performances (Jessica Napoles)
-A Comparison of Aural and Visual Instrument Preferences of Third and Fifth-Grade Students (Rebecca B. MacLeod)
-Support Structures Contributing to Instrument Choice and Achievement Among Texas All-State Male Flutists (Donald M. Taylor)
-The Meaning of Music Education to Middle School General Music Students (Virginia W. Davis)
-No Child Left Behind: Determining the Impact of Policy on Music Education in Ohio (Kevin W. Gerrity)