18 de novembre de 2012


La danza contemporánea en España (1989-2009): aproximación a la creación coreográfica a través de la revista «Por la danza»
María Paz Brozas Polo, Teresa García San Emeterio, Sara López Azcuna 
Retos: nuevas tendencias en educación física, deporte y recreación
ISSN 1579-1726,
nº. 20, 2011, págs. 16-20

The aim of this study is to identify the main elements related to the choreographic creation in Spain as well as its evolution between 1989 and 2009, according to the information from the magazine «Por la danza». This magazine has been a privileged witness of the development of the contemporary dance in Spain in the two last decades. The study analyses the magazines position with regards to other dance-related publications and revises their 79 issues from a contemporary dance point of view: companies, spaces of creation and festivals or other events. Although the study refers to a Madrid local dance magazine, a variety of Spanish dance companies has been included, as well as a detailed classification according to their recognition or consolidation degree and visibility period. The study also reflects the progressive increase of the number of performance spaces and locations where audience might approach to the plastic arts and specific contemporary dance events or frontier arts.